In the past seven years, over 300 communities in all 50 states have celebrated their love of trains on National Train Day. This year, Amtrak is expanding the celebration to better support all communities and evolve it into a traveling, community-centric experience under the new name of Amtrak Train Days.

Amtrak Train Days is kicking off at Chicago Union Station on May 9th, and then we hit the rails, traveling to over 20 locations across the country May through October. While the touring event can’t stop in every community, Amtrak invites local stations, state partners, rail industry colleagues and communities to join in the celebration of train travel by hosting their own Amtrak Train Days events, whether on May 9, as part of the kick-off, or during a local event that your community chooses on another date.

We're still in the planning stages, but if you or someone in your community would like to host an event, simply enter your email address below, and we'll send you updates and information as we work to finalize our plans by March 30th.

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